Robert Dietz – Arkitekt 001

Release date 8th October 2012

Forward thinking electronic exponents Arkitekt announce their first compilation release after a selection of parties in London, Leeds and Birmingham promoted their sound. Focusing on the more forward thinking strains of house and techno, their musical mandate has been to gleefully plunder the underground elements of the modern dance clime, with stripped back grooves riding against warm melodies and textures.

The first man stepping up the Arkitekt palette is Robert Dietz. The German DJ cut his teeth on the Frankfurt arena of Deutsch dance, coming from no-where in 2009 to ensnare one of Beatportal’s Artists to Watch. Since then his rise has been apocalyptic and relentless, recording for stellar imprints such as Cecille, Cadenza and Deep Vibes. He’s crafted a trademark sound, built on pure house and infused it with the sensibilities of contemporary club culture.

It’s a pedigree which has made him one of the most versatile and in-demand DJs on the planet. He’s able to seduce mainstream arenas like Dance Valley, Ushuaia and Pacha with his underground template, and then switch to delivering achingly next level voyages in the basements of Shoreditch, Berlin and Eastern Europe. And that intoxicating template is evident all over this double disc spanning mix.

Disc 1 focuses on the more underground and techier side of Robert’s tastes, aptly titled ‘Club Hours’. It fizzes along with a sea of clicks and whirs as it ripples from the gentle menace of the 2012 update Butane’s ‘A Rave Mistake’ into the shuffling tones of Trickski’s brilliantly monikered ‘Brazzavillage Dance Commando’.

Elsewhere tracks from killer producers such as Davide Squillace, Sascha Dive and Ricardo Villalobos take the mix slowly into deeper realms of energy, before it ends on a flourish with the mechanical Detroit edge of Ben Nevile’s ‘Awshashen’.

Disc 2 is a more expansive affair with the deeper side of the Dietz spectrum in full effect as he takes the listener ‘After-hours’. The synth stabs and tribal percussion of ZPH ‘Popshit‘ lay the battle lines down emphatically for where it’s heading, delivering a mix to work just as well on the headphones as it does on the dancefloor.

There’s gorgeous deep house of an atmospheric nature from Boo Williams with ‘Peaking Point’, the melancholy grooves of Dale Howard’s ‘Bubbz’ and the Underground Resistance meets basic Channel vibes of Leonel Castillo’s ‘1974’. The sublime wonder of Lil Tony’s ‘Employee Only’, a lustrous concoction of soaring melodies and robotic clicks, brings the collection to a glorious end.

Following the release of the compilation, Robert will be back on the road, taking in performances at some of the world’s premier clubs. Heading first to Asia, Robert will be touching down in Singapore for a show at Zouk before then making his way onto Tokyo to play Ageha. Next up he will jetting over to the Americas with gigs in Santiago de Chile, Caracas and then New York for Halloween. Robert will also be making appearances in Moscow and London so don’t miss your chance to experience this ever evolving artist in the flesh.


Robert Dietz – Arkitekt 01 Mini Mix by Arkitekt Recordings


Full Track List

CD 1 – Club Hours

1) Butane – A Rave Mistake (2012 Mix)

2) Trickski – Brazzavillage Dance Commando

3) Tobias – Girts (Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer Remix)

4) Markus Fix – Lonely

5) Pele & Shawnecy – Savago

6) Dub E Us – Blood Red (Lyin Beats Remix)

7) Davide Squillace & Philip Bader feat. Big Bully – Good Luck On The Romance Thing

8) Pele & Shawnecy – What’s up

9) Tapesh & Maximiljan – You Chose Me

10) DJ Foxx & Dj Sensé – Hill Street Blues (Master D’s Casa Mix)

11) Loopsize – Retrospective

12) Sascha Dive – Underground Railroad (Willie Graff & Tuccillo Remix)

13) Viudez & Rudolf – Carl Tribute

14) Sound of the Suburbs – Beautifly

15) Antislash – DCL (Moritz Piske Remix)

16) Ben Nevile – Awshashen


CD 2 – After-hours

1) ZPH – Popshit

2) Matías Valdmont – Egun

3) OCH – Sophisticated Animated

4) Boo Williams – Peaking Point

5) Ivel Tax – The Church

6) Dale Howard – Bubbzz

7) Egal 3 – Remaster

8) Adam Marshall – Holding Down

9) Leonel Castillo – 1974

10) Dario Zenker – Hassel

11) Lil Tony – Employee Only