#CircusX & Wasted Heroes

We started working on the London leg of Circus in August after nearly a year with Yousef’s personal PR, just in time for us to run the campaign for #CircusX – the tenth anniversary of the club. Despite this being a huge event we were presented with a little bit of a challenge about securing coverage because the main light was naturally shined on the Liverpool centrepiece event, and that Yousef is also releasing an album which shifted his media profiling naturally towards this in the upcoming months.

I’ve always been a fan of left of the centre coverage, because as much fun as reading interviews with DJs is sometimes there’s more to be told about artists, record labels and clubnights than the people performing or creating music at them. Fortunately there was a very good story rippling beneath the obvious with Circus, that of their Flyer designer and founder of Wasted Heroes Russell Reid.

Having started out manning the guestlist for Circus and Chibuku, Russ fell into flyer design on account of his graphical design course at university and a love for music. The story of his artwork was extremely relevant to Circus’ tenth anniversary for two prescient reasons, the first being that his Circus archive flyers had been re-done for the launch of London as a means of really focusing the club’s values down there and the second was that his iconic X design had been a big part of the Birthday build up. Snapshots of Circus’ well loved DJs behind the artwork and even rocking the t-shirt became a staple of the summer, probably best summarised with Carl Cox tearing up SW4 in one.

Russ is also hosting El Salon for our old pals and former clients We Love… Space on Sunday 30th September, so when we took the story out there to people they were more than happy to feature both the event and Russ. The coverage in the end was strong, and you can see all the people who featured Wasted heroes and Circus (both Liverpool and London based) below:


Ibiza Spotlight



Guerilla Sounds 

General Jimmy