John Digweed Live In Slovenia Mix Compilation

Sentric Digital PR campaign May and June 2013

Released Monday 27th May 2013

John Digweed Live in Slovenia comes from an intense peak time set recorded on March the 30th at the incredible Ambasada Gavioli in Izola. The 3rd installment, with previous sessions coming from Cordoba, Argentina which highlighted John’s deeper sound and ability to warm up the crowd and London, UK, which was an epic 5 hour journey from the start of the evening. Slovenia see’s John condensing the pure peak time essence of his mesmerizing club set into a double LIVE mix CD. Meticulously molding and mixing across House and Techno, the journey will leave you in no question that once again, John Digweed is presenting the freshest music in his unequivocal trade mark style.

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John Digweed Live In Slovenia mini mix part 1

John Digweed Live In Slovenia mini mix part 2