Raury Allen Poe

Sentric Digital are chuffed to be working with Atlanta based rising star, Raury. At the tender age of 16 this musician and singer is making bold strides to and planting his flag firmly in the ground.

‘Bloom’ is the first single to be released by Raury, who looks set to add further weight to the adage that this decade has undeniably been about youth. Whilst the music in the ten years that preceded it had been dominated by the breakthrough of artists in their mid twenties and beyond – LCD Soundsystem, 50 Cent, Coldplay, Kanye West, the White Stripes all grasping the mantle – now the control has been wrestled back by plenty much younger.

Hip-hop is in thrall to the likes of Chief Keef, Joey Badass and the OFWGKTA collective helmed by Tyler the Creator, electronic music to Madeon, Disclosure and Bondax, and even on the opposite end of the spectrum Pop is dominated by One Direction and Justin Bieber – all starlets who made their breakthrough before turning twenty. And now a new name enters the teen canon, Atlanta troubadour Raury.

His mix of bluesy Folk splattered with Hip-Hop lends an obvious comparison to the city’s most famous oddball prince, a certain Andre 3000. Whilst it’s a link that carries a degree of weight, Raury is clearly an artist ground in his own personality. His musical landscape is gloriously wide ranging, with a litany of influences that stretch from the Psychedelica of The Flaming Lips and the ethereal Folk of Nick Drake, right up to the classic multi-racial super-groups Sly and the Family Stone, Arthur Lee’s Love and Prince and the Revolution.

‘Bloom’ opens his genre hopping account, an acoustic effort that boasts his ethereal vocals at their most whimsical, eerily exploring the depth of the quality of his delivery. It’s a ballad of dreamy proportions, achingly delivering his desires towards his muse in a record that harks to the classic nu-soul R&B of the likes of D’Angelo, Maxwell and Frank Ocean and even evoking the gothic pop of Lana del Ray.

It forms a tantalising glimpse into the musical make-up of Raury, an artist set to shatter genre conceptions in 2013. Forthcoming album ‘Indigo Child’ is set to offer a further snapshot of the musical terrain of someone who feels un-shackled by expectation or limitation, with ‘Bloom’ the opening salvo on a musical journey that promises much. It’ll be quite the trip.

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