Three EDM Players

Sentric Digital is pleased to announce working with three new high profile clients within the realm of electronic dance music. Although we are a company primarily involved within social networking, digital PR and online marketing, our roots are deeply entrenched within music. Director Phil Cooper spent the nineties as a resident for superclub Cream, Project manager Jimmy Coultas has worked as a DJ and promoter since the start of the last decade and our previous clients have included Exit Festival, Daft Punk, Justice and Liverpool Sound City. On top of that we continue to work with Balearic icons We Love… Space, Ibiza, having just finished another campaign for them and their illustrious action on the White Isle.


The We Love connection is a natural progression with us working with Jem Haynes, one of their residents. Having spent over fifteen years actively involved within electronic dance music across a wide spectrum of genres, we start working with Jem at an extremely exciting point in his career. He’s set to launch a new record label Colour Series, based on the form of Synesthesia that he has ingrained within him where he sees music in different shades and colours. We will be looking after all PR for Jem as well as his social networking, so please get in touch if you are interested in speaking to him regarding anything.


Renaissance is a brand that needs no introduction to any follower of electronic dance music. Widely held as the main protagonists in establishing the DJ mix compilation in the early nineties, the Nottingham based clubnight was also the first to encase clubbing in opulent surroundings, pioneering the move from rave culture to the modern state of the art nightclub. We are extremely pleased to be working with them across all their social networking and digital PR terrains, with their artist albums and tours and their brand new Arkitekt concept. This is a label focused on spotlighting up and coming talent within dance music, continuing Renaissance’s position as a scene leader in music.


And finally we also welcome Yousef on board, a DJ who continues to be at the pinnacle of the EDM scene through his global DJing, constant producing and his brand leader clubnight Circus. With his second album almost finished, we will be helping Yousef take his exciting and musically diverse project into the e-world. We’re currently developing some very exciting concepts to showcase the expansive piece of music in the innovative manner it deserves. The productions follow a process unlike anything any other DJ or producer is currently doing within dance music, and we are developing a campaign that reflects this ground-breaking and challenging step.